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what are the best free SEO tools? A complete list for beginners.

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You will cover the top best free SEO tool available on the market. They all perform very well and are great for enhancements in search engine result pages. In fact, top bloggers suggest these tools for professionals use.

List of best free SEO tools right now.

Answer the public.

" Answer The Public" enables you to find up to 150 keyword ideas in the form of questions in a few seconds. 

All these questions are taken from online forms, search engines, discussions, and other platforms eg social media. 

This tool, unlike other free or paid tools, does not show data only from search engines. It displays general ideas and questions from the online world.

free SEO tool - answer the question

Features of "Answer The Public".

Finds all the related questions with your query. That is asked by the people on different platforms and turn them into awesome keywords.

It is useful if you want to create a questionnaire in your blog or your niche is related to surveys etc.

you will get a list of propositions related to your question or keyword phrase.

Many people search for compression on the web. for example, Google Vs Bing, Samsung Vs Apple, SEO Vs affiliate marketing, etc. 

The "answer the public" finds out compression questions or phrases for you.

This tool will show the alphabetical or related questions in a couple of minutes.

Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Woorank is a chrome extension.  It scans the entire site and finds the necessary on-page and off-page data of your site. 

It delivers the accessibility, reliability, usability, and findability aspects of your blog or site, for example, performance on mobile devices, SEO errors, backlinks, etc.

The "Wooranks" data will help you to improve your site's marketing performance. It also lets you analyze the competitor's website to detect the technologies they use and the backlinks they have on their site. 

This tool is really essential for bloggers who want to find the basic SEO elements and errors in their blog. It helps the developers to validate their work on a browser. 

This amazing extension comes free of cost.

 Some fantastic features offered by the Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool:

1: Analyze the structure of the website.

2: Highlights the On-Page SEO Factors.

3: Highlights the Of-Page SEO Factors.

4: Structure data and schema

5: Social media signals

6: Good for marketers, developers, and bloggers.

Ubersuggest, Afree, and best SEO tool


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. It has many keyword research options and developed by Neil Patel, an SEO expert, and influencer of all the time.

Ubersuggest provides many options for your keyword research. It shows data from search engines and other platforms. for example, search suggests forms, discussions, and its own database. 

This tool delivers the competitors ranking factors and keywords ranked for. you can easily pick top results for specific results.

It is the best tool to explore the links. Overall it is recommended for all types of SEO purposes because it provides value for time options.

Google Trends, A free SEO tool from the tech giant.

google trends- free seo tool

Google trends is an authentic and trusted tool from Google. It is a free tool that tells you the trend of search right now. 

It shows the increment and decrement graph of a keyword search in percentage.

 you can easily find related topics and queries. It is simple to find out the rising or decline of the search for a particular keyword.

This tool allows you to get the result for a particular country. If you want to target a particular country then this is a great tool.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service from Google. This is a free service that tracks your website traffic and a widely used tool for analytics in the world. 

It lets you track the website traffic, youtube analytics, top pages, top countries, referring domains, and much more.

It perfectly measures the audience from different countries and sources. It will be a greater tool if you are working on any research about your site.

Google Search Console

The Google search console is yet another free and powerful tool for webmasters. It allows the webmaster to submit sites and show indexing status.

It helps you to measure mobile compatibility, speed, and optimization of your website. 

It is designed to measure the performance and coverage of your blog or site. All the errors and complaints from google about your site are pushed towards this tool.

For example any violation, performance issue, harmful content or spam content and data structures, etc.

It lets you disavow the backlinks if you got a negative SEO on your site.


Soovle has a similar concept as Google suggests. This tool enables you to get search suggestions and autocompletion of all the major search service providers on the web.

It unites the Bing, Google, Answers, Youtube, Wikipedia, and Amazon in one place. 

Moz Keyword Explorer



Moz Keyword Explorer is a paid tool however, you can get up to 10 queries per month. MOZ is the most trusted SEO service provider on the internet. 

The keyword explorer finds search volume very accurately. The keyword difficulty, geo-targeting, and with the free account up to 1000 keyword suggestions available. 

The paid version gives 500 million suggestions for a keyword.

Grammarly - Improve grammar and spellings 

grammarly- SEO tool

Grammarly is a general tool that is responsible for correcting the spellings and grammar in your content. It is not a direct SEO tool however, It is helpful while creating rich content.

Google always prefer readable content. you can create better and reliable content by using the Grammarly. you can get the chrome extension here.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. 

free seo tools

Google's mobile-friendly test provides the facility to test if your site loads perfectly in mobile devices. It includes loading speed and responsive design.

Mobile-first indexing is an essential SEO factor. Your site should be ready and optimized for mobile phones. 

The responsive design of the website plays a vital role in the look and feel of the site. In this way, you can decrease the bounce rate as well.

Google prefers the mobile-first indexing. if your site is ready for mobiles then it is a huge bump up for ranking.

Seed Keyword Engine. A Free SEO Tool.

seed keyword free seo tool

This tool generates keyword Ideas. Unlike other tools, this one has a different approach.

It asks users to put the search phrase instead of a single keyword. It is similar to your online search.

Once the tool generates the closely related keywords for you then you can use it directly to do a Google search in different countries.

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