5 Snippets to animate text in CSS without javaScript

5 Snippets to animate text in CSS without javaScript

There are many ways to animate text in CSS. Animation allows an element to transition from one style to another gradually.

To use CSS animation, you must first define the animation’s keyframes. Keyframes define the styles that an element will have at different points in time.

Here is a list of some CSS text animations:

Text color animation

animate text in CSS

This animation will give a nice sliding effect. It is created with CSS and HTML only. There is no JavaScript code included.

Text animation by Yoaan

animate text in CSS

The text animation is created with CSS and HTML. It is well written and well documented.

Text animation in CSS using background image

animate text

There are many tricks to creating animations. One of them is using background images. write a transparent text and slowly slide the background image. It will produce an amazing animation effect.

Text Sliding effect in CSS and HTML

text in CSS

The sliding effect also creates an awesome effect. It is the simplest way to animate any text on your web page. It is a lightweight process as it does not require JavaScript or tons of CSS code.

Code Source: Thapa Technical youtube channel

Change the colors of each word – CSS Animation

animate text

This is a beautiful design by mtscarvalho on code pen. It is an amazing effect that changes the color of each word. It is available with HTML and CSS code only.

There are tons of source codes available on the internet to animate text in CSS.. we have only selected some of the best CSS animation effects for you. All these code pens do not require JQuery or JavaScript.

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